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How To Create a Raise Policy

In most cases, employees anticipate receiving a raise after working a certain amount of time at your firm — usually, six months to a year. Top performers who...

Effective Employee Performance Reviews

Performance reviews often feel like a one-way, top-down process in which you, the boss, are judge and jury. But if reviews are instead a two-way street, employees feel...

Choosing a Successor: Eight Tips

It's unavoidable: One day you will step down as CEO. When that time comes, choosing the right person to succeed you will help ensure the continued sustainability of your business. Click through for tips on choosing a successor.

IRS Adjusts HSA Amounts

In a recent revenue procedure, the IRS announced changes to health savings accounts for 2025. Now is a good time to look at your situation and consider your options. Click through for a review of the changes.

Tips for Practicing Work-Life Balance

Finding the delicate balance between work and personal life can feel like an endless juggling act in the bustling business world. Small business owners, in particular, often find...

Monitoring Your Employees' Productivity

Worker productivity has been in the headlines recently. One reason is the easy access employers have to the many technologies that can monitor employees — from software that...