New Hire Information

What Do I Give Paysmart?

We have made it very easy. After collecting the forms below, the information can be used to prepare the “New Hire Form” shown below. Simply hit SUBMIT and it will be submitted to PaySmart securely. There is no need to send supporting documents, they are for your records. Please do NOT send employee documents with personally identifiable information via an unsecured email.

When hiring a new employee, it is very important to have all the proper paperwork for your records. Follow the checklist below to make sure you have everything you need.

The following information can be included in your employment file. Forms marked with an * are required and should be kept in employee records.

* New Hire Form
*PA Local
Residency Form
LST Exemption
*Health Insurance Market Coverage
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Form W-4 does not need to be updated every year. However, employees should provide a new W-4 to their employer any time they want to make a change to their withholding.
Form W-4 can feel very complicated to fill out. Please use this link to go to a W-4 calculator. You may also want to consult your tax preparer for advice.


This form provides the employee’s local information for proper tax reporting. Employers are required to have each employee fill out a Local Residency Form, as well as supply the information regarding the employer on the form.


Depending on the employer’s location, a Local Services Tax (LST) is deducted from each employee’s check. The amount can vary depending on the employer’s location. In most areas, LST is $52.00 divided over the number of pay periods in the year (biweekly pay is $2.00=$52/26). An employee is only required to pay LST totaling $52.00 in one location. If the employee has two jobs, they may be LST Exempt and should complete the LST Exemption Form.


Employers are required to supply new employees with a notice of the company’s health insurance coverage and the applicable terms. If there is not a company plan, start on page 4. This only needs to be supplied when the employee is hired. It does not need to be redone each year.


This form is required if the employee enrolls in direct deposit, but is not required otherwise. Anytime an employee makes a change, the new form should be prepared. This form can be securely remitted to PaySmart from right on this site. The employee must provide the employer’s name. ALL direct deposit changes are prenoted for verification. The employee will receive a live check until the account has been cleared.

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Form I-9 is a required form. However, it should NOT be stored in the employee file. I-9 forms should be stored in a separate binder for use, should the Department of Homeland Security request the information. I-9s should be retained for 1 year after the date of termination or 3 years from the date of hire, whichever is longer.