Employee Separation

There are not as many forms involved with an employee separation. However, there are a few things that need to be done to keep your records in order.  Forms marked with an * are required.

*Employee Separation Form
*PAUC Separation Form
Separation Checklist

First, tell PaySmart the employee is no longer employed by completing the Employee Separation form.

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Effective March 30, 2020, Governor Wolf passed into law a requirement for employers to provide terminated employees with a Form UC-1609 that provides the employee with the Employer UC Account number and employer address.  This is only needed for employees that have been terminated.  If an employee resigns, the form is not required.  It’s important because this form helps to maintain your UC rate and avoid you being charged incorrectly.


This is a sample checklist of items to consider when an employee leaves the company. Please use this checklist as a reference. There may be other items the company wants to add. It is always good to maintain a record of what action was taken. Maintaining good employment records is helpful in the event of an audit. It is also part of best practices for benefits, network security, and company asset tracking.


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