Take PPX to the Next Level

May 10, 2018

Make payroll better than ever with PPX Pro.


You already know how easy and efficient PPX makes your payroll process. Ready to do more? Consider upgrading to PPX Pro.


With PPX Pro, you can reap the benefits of advanced features such as:


  • Utilizing a menu of on-demand reports you can run on your own without contacting us
  • Making detailed changes to your payroll on a per pay basis
  • Having up to four direct deposit accounts for an employee


You’ll enjoy the same PPX interface and log-in – nothing changes except access to additional features that give you even more flexibility, customization, and control. To access PPX Pro, there is a minor increase of $2 per pay.


Ready to see what PPX Pro can do for you? Email us and we’ll be happy to schedule a demo.