Import Payroll Directly Into QuickBooks

May 10, 2018

PaySmart’s Payroll Import service is an easy way to track payroll in QuickBooks.

Deducting payroll from your bank account(s) can gobble up your valuable time faster than Uncle Bob can devour Mimi’s hot wings at the Labor Day picnic. Small businesses usually have at least three transactions per payroll – more if you still issue live checks – and manually entering each transaction takes a considerable amount of time and concentration.

Enter PaySmart’s Payroll Import service. Just three easy steps, and PaySmart does two-thirds of the work!

  1. PaySmart creates a QB entry for each payroll transaction.
  2. We then export all the entries into one file and email it to you.
  3. You import the single file into QB and avoid manually entering every.single.transaction.

Boom! Done. You can move on to other top priorities.

The Fine Print: There is a minimal, one-time cost of $50 to set up this service and a small $5 fee per payroll. This slight investment will reap big rewards when you see how much time is saves!

Ready to take the very smart plunge and learn more about Payroll Import? Contact your Payroll Specialist today, and we’ll get you started.