Corinne Hempt, Partner and Payroll Specialist Supervisor

November 08, 2022

Corinne Hempt has been with PaySmart for 14 years!

She has grown within her role, mastering payroll, and now passing on this knowledge to her team of specialists. Corinne has become an excellent leader and a trusted mentor. PaySmart is entrusted to support payroll for thousands of Central PA employees and their families. She is tasked with holding PaySmart to the highest standards.

Most recently, Corinne has set the bar for those future standards by becoming a new partner in the payroll firm. Her goals include growing PaySmart, and growing her team. She has recently enrolled in Leadership Cumberland to learn more about how she can develop her leadership skills to empower her team.

She knows and values the fact that the work that she does is meaningful since most business owners want to focus on their business. Corinne feels like her work at PaySmart makes a real difference in the life of small business owners since they can focus on pursuing their dreams of running their businesses while she and her team alleviate some of the stress and pain that payroll can cause small business owners.

Corinne enjoys supporting the local community and good causes which is no surprise as she carries herself with a warm kind demeanor. She is consistent in supporting the mission of Penn State’s Four Diamonds organization contributing to THON.

Like many business owners, she has a family and a life outside of work. She knows both duties are important and is always trying to improve in managing the two. She tries to be really intentional about managing her time. It is important for her to ensure that when she is with her family that she is fully present in creating memories that they will look back on and treasure.

Corrine is currently enjoying the beautiful colors of fall as the leaves change. Hues of red, gold and other tones are appreciated by the PaySmart partner! She appreciates the opportunity to dress in jeans and a hoody, and Corrine enjoys some chocolate or pizza when given the chance. When she takes a vacation, she really likes to visit Topsail Island, North Carolina.