Placing a high value in Workplace Culture

October 10, 2022

Workplace culture is becoming increasingly critical to a business’s employees and overall success.  

Employees value a workplace culture in which they feel safe, respected, and loved. They want to be able to come to work and know they cannot only voice their opinions and concerns but also have them listened to and understood.  

Increasingly, many employees are leaving jobs where the workplace culture does not foster a respectful and inclusive environment. And many small businesses are struggling to stay successful because of this.  

According to Forbes, 66% of employees reported they would leave a job where they felt undervalued and unappreciated. Furthermore, according to the Pew Research Center, 35% of employees said that a significant reason they quit their jobs in 2021 was a lack of respect and inclusivity in the workplace, and 21% of employees cited this as a minor reason they left.  

Therefore, small business owners need to step back and ensure they are fostering an inclusive workplace culture that uplifts their employees instead of tearing them down. 

Here are Five Ways Small Business Owners can Create an Appreciative and Inclusive Workplace Culture:  

1. Get to know each employee

One quick and easy way small business owners can foster a positive workplace culture is by connecting with each employee and getting to know them personally. They notice when business owners take a few minutes to catch up with their employees. This brief interaction, whether it involves asking about their day or kids, makes them feel valued. They think their employer appreciates and cares about them, not just the work they provide.  

2. Respect all cultures and religions

Another way small business owners can create a respectful and inclusive workplace is by respecting and honoring all cultures and religions. Many business owners automatically give their employees off from work for national and Christian holidays. However, many other cultures and religions are often forgotten in the process. Therefore, small business owners must allow employees of different cultures and faiths to celebrate their holidays or observe their traditions. Doing so will help employees feel accepted at work and valued regardless of the identities they hold. 

3. Host team-building activities

Another critical aspect of creating an appreciative and inclusive workplace culture is ensuring employees value and respect each other. Small business owners can jump-start positive relationship-building between their employees by hosting team-building events. Whether business owners host the activities during an extended lunch or devote an entire work day to team building, these exercises should encourage employees to connect personally. Through working together on light-hearted tasks, employees will discover how to communicate best and cooperate while also finding similarities and differences they share.  

4. Recognize employees for their excellent work

Small business owners can also promote a respectful workplace by taking the time to recognize employees for their hard work. They can make them aware of their impact on the organization and customers to make them feel important. When business owners take note of their employees’ good work, they feel appreciated and feel like the effort they are putting in is making a difference. Small business owners can show this recognition by leaving handwritten notes on their desks, offering to buy them coffee, or even sending them a quick email expressing their gratitude. It does not matter how big or small the gesture is. All that matters is employees feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts.  

5. Create a zero-tolerance policy for bullying

Another way small business owners can foster an inclusive workplace is by creating a zero-tolerance culture for bullying. Bullying occurs in many workplaces through snide remarks, microaggressions, and harassment. Small business owners can help stop bullying by encouraging employees to speak up if they witness or experience bullying. Employers should have an open-door policy so employees feel comfortable expressing what happened and the situation can be dealt with quickly and effectively.  

Creating an appreciative and inclusive workplace culture has become increasingly important over the last few years. Today, business owners must devote adequate time and energy to ensuring their place of work exhibits these characteristics.  

When employees feel safe coming to work, they can more easily focus on their tasks and be more productive and successful in completing them. Contrastingly, employees who do not feel accepted or respected at work find it difficult to focus on their job and often quit. Therefore, small business owners must foster an appreciative and inclusive workplace culture to retain employees and ensure their business remains profitable for years to come.  

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