Five Ways for Small Business Owners to Attract New Candidates

February 02, 2023

Writing an attention-grabbing job description can be tricky for any employer looking to attract new candidates. However, if small business owners master creating compelling job descriptions, attracting new applicants will be a breeze.

Small business owners cite attracting new job candidates as a significant source of pain. As large chains may have larger wages and robust benefits packages, competing in this climate can be challenging. Writing a compelling job description that stands out can help small business owners attract new clients without raising starting wages.

Great job descriptions, like great advertisements, make their audiences stop and do a double-take. Job descriptions should be fun and exciting and communicate the spirit of the position. Even the most typical and mediocre-sounding jobs can be heightened with an exciting job description. Therefore, small business owners must do everything possible to write the most compelling job descriptions. A successful job description will make it difficult for any job seeker to resist submitting their application.

Here are five ways for small business owners to write a compelling job description and attract new candidates:

1. When writing a job description, business owners should emphasize what makes the position unique.

The first step small business owners can take to write a perfect job description is to define what makes the open position unique. Employers should be sure to highlight any characteristics of the work that make it an extraordinary opportunity. These characteristics may be daily responsibilities or potentials for advancement in the company. Small business owners should use strong adjectives and action verbs to outline the position and its duties.

2. Be sure to communicate the business’s culture and values as a part of the job posting.

Another vital element of writing a compelling job description is breaking down the culture and values of the business. Potential job candidates will appreciate learning more about the company’s atmosphere before submitting their applications. Small business owners should describe their expectations for how employees will interact with each other and how they will interact with customers. Furthermore, they should explain how the potential employee will uphold the business’s culture and values in their work. Small businesses may even want to include some of their core values and culture on their website.

3. Managers should include the business’s goals to make a candidate understand how they can support the organization’s mission.

A job description guaranteed to attract applicants includes the business’s goals. In particular, small business owners should focus on how the position’s duties will aid the company in reaching one or more of its goals. Potential job candidates will appreciate knowing how the work they will be doing will benefit the entire business. Candidates will be more likely to apply for a job that will aid the organization’s mission when they understand their duties’ roles, and purpose.

4. Business owners creating a job description should highlight valuable skills necessary to be successful in the role.

Small business owners should also include skills in the job description that an applicant will need to succeed. These skills could be extremely specific or relatively broad, depending upon the characteristics of the job. Employers could also list valuable skills candidates may have from past jobs that may not be necessary but still beneficial at this job. Applicants will appreciate knowing how they may be able to apply previous experiences to this position.

5. Clearly state any requirements that are mandatory so that qualified candidates can apply.

An engaging job description should clearly define any requirements for the position. Applicants must know any skills or experience necessary for the work before applying. Furthermore, candidates who fulfill those requirements will be more likely to submit their applications as they know they are well-qualified for the job. Conversely, when job descriptions do not include requirements, potential candidates are deterred from applying as they cannot wholly predict their qualifications, which may include educational requirements such as certifications.

Job descriptions can easily fall flat. When job descriptions lack excitement and flair, the applicants do as well. This results in small business owners being left with a few candidates who are not passionate about the open position.

Employers must dedicate time to writing compelling and engaging job descriptions when a position opens up at their small businesses. Exciting job descriptions can bring in well-qualified and passionate applicants that will ensure the small business’s continued success. Investing a little more time in gathering requirements and adding some pizazz could aid in attracting the ideal candidate!

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