10 Activities to Stay Busy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

April 02, 2020

Are you looking for some different ideas to stay busy while safely practicing social distancing? Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. While we are experiencing very different and challenging times, we may use this time to cultivate new experiences creating new memories with family members that one day we will most definitely reflect on.

10. Make time to exercise – While many of us are binge watching our favorite shows and using popular streaming services, it is important to get off our couches! Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or consider taking a fitness class online. Many local gyms and fitness enthusiasts are providing LIVE classes virtually and this could be a great time to try something new! Those that like a challenge may want to consider setting a goal – maybe complete a specific number of sit ups or walking steps per day. Share your goals on My Fitness Pal and interact with others (have an interactive competition within a virtual group).

9. Tackle home projects – Disinfect your space and insert yourself into spring-cleaning mode. Cleaning out closets, organizing a pantry, getting a head start on yard work, or crossing off some items on that to-do list, will allow you to achieve a sense of accomplishment. Envision yourself with additional time to spend with loved ones, when the time comes to reunite safely with one another.

8. Discover a new hobby or skill –Arts and Crafts enthusiasts may want to grab a kit online to craft from home. Those that like to have fun in the kitchen could grab a DIY kit from a local pizzeria. Why not learn a foreign language or dance style online, discover a new recipe, or plant a garden?

7. Pursue your passions – As events have been cancelled and the regular daily routine has been altered, now may be the perfect time to examine your personal situation and ask some thought provoking questions. Writing down your daily thoughts in a journal can be extremely helpful. Have you ever created a Vision Board? Your Vision Board can help you set goals for your future while serving as a reminder that these times are only temporary.

6. Make time to practice gratitude – Technology has changed the way we send a simple “thank you.” Acknowledgement is so very often displayed in the form of text messages, emails, or a social media shout out! Take a few minutes to send a handwritten thank you to a healthcare worker or express gratitude for someone who’s done something special recently. Marketing organizations have created special cards that display “Virtual Hugs” messages that can be sent to a loved one.

5. Throw a virtual party – Families can gather around their computers for Sunday Dinners with grandparents, nieces, and cousins to socialize with one another. Host a virtual dinner party online – get dressed up for dinner and invite friends over via Facebook Live. Go for a walk with a friend communicating by phone/headset to socialize while getting some fresh air.

4. Find your inner entertainer – Create a lip sync or dance off contest within your family unit. Create a video and post to social media asking friends to watch and challenging them to create their own video! Start your own YouTube Channel or create a TikTok account. Do you know how to play a musical instrument or sing? Share your gifts and create a concert in your living room for your family and friends to view virtually.

3. Embrace and cherish memories – Get out an old photo album, yearbook, or home movie. Recall old memories. Call up an old high school or college buddy and see what they’ve been up to. Plan a post lock down family or high school reunion. Did you have a favorite aunt or uncle growing up? They may appreciate getting a phone call from you!

2. Catch up on your reading – We have some amazing local authors in Central PA. Support their craft and download one of their books and learn something new or try a new genre. Check out e-books and audio books from your local library for no cost! Listen to your favorite Podcast and subscribe to a new Podcast. Take this time to grow!

1. Revisit your youth – What was your favorite game as a child? Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue – so many games can be fun to rediscover as an adult. These games are great to share with children creating new memories. Do your kids prefer technology? Download Pokémon Go or other scavenger like apps and go on a hunt in your backyard while practicing social distancing.

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