What’s the best payroll service for small business?

February 07, 2020

The best payroll service for a small business is one that can understand the unique needs of a small business. Small business owners can relate to the challenges that other small business owners face on a regular basis. Small businesses are engaged in their community. When making purchases they are more inclined to do business with other small business owners. They recognize the importance of supporting one another.

Small businesses are leaders in workforce development

Businesses with a smaller number of employees have become “the norm.” The Small Business Association states that “firms with fewer than 100 employees make up the largest share of small business employment.” These organizations are the least likely to have a Human Resources Department and a dedicated employee to process payroll within the organization. This often creates a burden for the business owner.

Government regulations and compliance with regards to employer withholding and labor regulations may not be at the top of an owner’s priority list. The responsibility still exists to prepare a timely payroll to valued employees. Employers of all sizes must comply with regulations and deadlines to avoid costly penalties. This can provide an enormous amount of stress to the employer that cannot dedicate hours each day learning all the regulations. Employers trying to do so don’t typically have the additional time that is required to follow legislation that is being passed soon and develop an implementation plan.

Owner-operators are constantly learning to remain competitive in their industry

Small business owners work tirelessly to ensure their positioning in their market is competitive. They continue to educate themselves and their staff on current trends to be the very best in their field. Leaders in the payroll processing industry do just that. They are dedicated to remaining current on anything that impacts their business and their clients’ businesses ensuring they are consistently providing guidance and value so that their clients can focus on running their business.

Business owners sometimes get overwhelmed with regulations and wonder why they even decided to go into business

As changes occur with regards to employer withholding, increases in minimum wage, local municipality changes, and labor regulations one may wonder why he or she ever decided to open a business. That does not need to be the case. Entrepreneurs can focus on running their business by utilizing the resources of a trusted payroll service provider. Outsourcing your payroll to specialized service providers can alleviate the stress of trying to understand how to remain compliant.

Characteristics of a good payroll service provider

Payroll service providers that really care about their clients remain committed to educating their clients. They administer the actual payroll but also serve as an educator. Good payroll providers will always provide business solutions to their clients. They will always be asking how else they may provide support to their clients ensuring they are laser focused on running their business.

The importance of supporting other small businesses

Small business owners are easily able to relate to other small business owners. After all, small businesses “make up 99.9% of the businesses in the United States. 30.2 million small businesses are small businesses” (www.sba.gov). The support small business owners offer to one another contributes to the success of the local economy. Small business owners understand that things do not always go as planned. Their days are spent juggling different responsibilities. Wearing multiple different hats is not uncommon.

The benefits of working with a provider specializing in small business solutions

Choosing to do business with a partner, that happens to be a small business, yields many benefits. Most business owners seek to build a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Personalized customer service is key in creating a solution that is unique to each business. A smaller organization understands that not all businesses operate the same. Business owners may have different methods to gather information and provide it which may include initiating a pay run via telephone call or entering information in personalized software. The key in working with a smaller organization includes flexibility.

A locally owned payroll service provider does a much better job at providing you with an explanation as to how you can process payroll deductions required by law and voluntary deductions. Deductions may include health insurance premiums and retirement contributions. Locally owned payroll providers understand that all of this can seem overwhelming. These organizations specialize in providing solutions and simplifying the entire payroll process.

PaySmart is a small business located in Mechanicsburg, PA supporting clients in the Central PA region. They are dedicated to helping small businesses take care of all of their payroll needs. To learn more information as to how PaySmart may provide payroll solutions please contact 717-766-1777.