Three Ways Giving Back Pays You Back

October 12, 2021

Small business is the backbone of the community in which it serves. When a business participates in community service initiatives serving nonprofits and other local organizations in need, everyone involved benefits. There are lots of benefits to giving back that businesses often overlook.

Small businesses can support community service initiatives just like large corporations do.

Small business owners may think they cannot do good work because they do not have large corporations’ resources. They can still do good in their local community without breaking the bank. Small businesses can provide a personalized touch and form relationships that large corporations are unable to do. This customized touch can end up having a powerful impact on their community and their business.

Here are a few ideas to get more involved:

  • They can support nonprofits and serve their community by providing financial sponsorships to local community events or sponsoring a youth sports team, such as little league baseball.
  • Small businesses can offer support by providing in-kind donations in products or services, which can be an effective form of advertising. They may be offering a sampling of their offerings to potential clients while also receiving positive public relations by doing good.
  • Businesses can participate in events by sending a group of employees on a walk or run. Business owners may even want to attend an event as an individual or bring their families along.
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen or offering to register at an event can be a great way to show support.
  • Some businesses have established a small scholarship fund for local students or an internship at their place of business to invest in our youth and their education and vocations.

Businesses may want to select a couple of events or identify a few causes that are important to support that are a good representation of the company’s mission and core values.

Businesses may want to implement a strategy as to how they will continue to support organizations that are important to them that align with their mission.

Supporting a meaningful cause can help tell a brand’s story and what the brand stands for in the public eye. This strategy will increase brand recognition and recall of the brand, making the small business a memorable name within the community. This will lead to new growth, as potential customers will recall the organization when a need arises, ultimately increasing revenues.

In short, social responsibility often impacts the business’s bottom line.

Here are three ways small business benefits from giving back:

  1. Increasing visibility by attracting new customers –

Community involvement is a highly effective way to increase brand awareness without increasing budgets.

When businesses invest their hard-earned dollars back into the community in supporting projects or services, they often see an excellent return on investment.

A commitment to community service can establish an organization’s reputation as a compassionate community member and create a solid and memorable brand.

2. Increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction –

When employees are engaged with an activity or a purpose, they feel more connected, which leads to job satisfaction. A satisfied, engaged, connected workforce saves the company money due to increased retention.

3. A good feeling that can only come from giving back.

Let’s face it – doing good feels good!

Small business owners have opportunities that others may not have. Providing for others in need and improving the community we live, work, and play in often can make one feel like the hard work of owning and operating a business has paid off.

One positive outcome of the pandemic is how the community has come together.

The community has come together over the last 18 months in areas such as food insecurity. As schools and businesses were shut down, many nonprofits ensured food was on the table in local households. Many companies provided food to those in need, which led to new relationships and increased brand awareness.

Now that we are back to work, there are still plenty of causes to support.

Many nonprofits were unable to increase donations over the past two years due to in-person events being canceled.

Central PA is home to many organizations that provide opportunities to get involved that speak to a wide variety of industries.

PaySmart is a proud supporter of our community, supporting a variety of organizations in our backyard.

Some of these organizations and events including Girls on the Run, Making Strides for Breast Cancer, Harrisburg Senators, The Wildcat Foundation, Leadership Cumberland, the local chamber of commerce, youth extracurricular activities and school events, and much more. We are a proud member of our community!

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