Stay Sharp to Identify a Scam

July 06, 2017

Call PaySmart before releasing financial, SSN, and other payroll-related information to an unknown third party.

Scammers are everywhere and practically unavoidable, like flies at a picnic. The world of payroll is no exception, with scammers posing as legitimate payroll-related companies to try and steal your money and interrupt your business.

It’s common sense, but these scammers are sly as foxes so we wanted to remind you to never, ever, in a million years release any banking or payroll-related information to anyone you do not know, even if they say they are working with PaySmart. Verify, verify, verify – it can save you considerable time, money, and heartache.

PaySmart does not use any agencies that will contact you directly and request payroll-related information. Tax agencies will contact you directly, but will not ask for banking information. If you have Ecomp, they will email you and copy us.

  • Don’t recognize the email address? Check with PaySmart.
  • A phone call from an unknown person claiming to work with PaySmart? Call us.

When in doubt, check with us first. We care about your security.