What Should I Post on Social Media?

January 18, 2024

Social media is a handy tool all small business owners should strive to implement into their communication strategies. Creating interesting and engaging content entices their customers and even employees to interact with them online. This allows small business owners to connect one-on-one with these individuals, responding to their comments, answering questions, and forming stronger relationships. 

However, figuring out what to post on social media can often be daunting and intimidating to small business owners. The posts they make must make sense for their brands and target audiences. They must feature photos, videos, graphics, and language that accurately represent their brands and will resonate with their followers.

Luckily, this is not hard for small business owners to achieve as long as they clearly understand the unique qualities that make their brands desirable to their customers. If they do, they can easily highlight these characteristics in their social media posts and keep their target audiences returning for more content.

Small business owners can harness the power of social media to build strong relationships with current and potential customers and employees.

Here are eight content topics small business owners can utilize when creating their posts to build a thriving social media presence:

1. Product and/or service highlights

One of the simplest topics small business owners can easily highlight in their social media posts is their current product and service offerings and any new additions they may have.

They must take a photo or select a royalty-free image that captures the product or service they wish to highlight. Then, they need to write a copy that showcases the product or service’s benefits. A few clear and simple sentences or bullet points will do the trick. Small business owners can then use either the caption section or perform some simple graphic design on the image, using a platform such as Canva, to display this information in the post.

Small business owners must remember to highlight the qualities of the product or service that will entice their followers to learn more about it. Therefore, they do not need to provide all the information or details in the post. 

2. Questions

Small business owners can also leverage social media to ask their followers questions in their posts. Whether they create a graphic that showcases the question or include it in the post’s caption, they can use it to engage with their audience. These questions may encourage followers to leave comments outlining new products and/or services they wish to see from their businesses. They may also prompt them to share their favorite experiences with their businesses. The questions small business owners can ask in their social media posts are truly limitless. They need to ensure the questions relate to their businesses and will provide them with useful information they can harness to ensure their continued success. 

3. Testimonials

Another great way small business owners can also use their social media accounts is by posting customer testimonials. These are candid, positive reviews of their product and service offerings from their customers. Whether small business owners choose to post a Google or Facebook review they received or a video of a customer sharing their positive experience, these testimonials are immensely beneficial. This is largely because the testimonials highlight each business’s positive attributes and build trust with their audiences. Followers are more inclined to believe and trust the experiences of real customers and their perspectives over those manufactured by a small business.

4. Acts of service

Small business owners would also benefit from posting any acts of service they and their employees complete on their social media. However, they must be careful to do so authentically and in an informative way that seeks to encourage followers to also give back to their communities. If not careful, followers may view these posts as virtue signaling. This leads the small business’s acts of service to appear performative and only completed to garner praise. Nevertheless, when posted about genuinely, a small business’s acts of service work to engage followers and build stronger, positive connections with those who are also passionate about the cause they are supporting.

5. Employee and/or volunteer spotlights

Small business owners can also use social media to highlight their employees or volunteers who work for or assist them in keeping their businesses running successfully. This portrays to these individuals and their followers that they appreciate them for the time they give their businesses. Furthermore, these posts allow small business owners to introduce their current and new employees and/or volunteers to consumers. This helps faithful customers learn more about the individuals who assist them and become more connected to them and, therefore, the businesses where they work. 

6.  Accomplishments

Small business owners can also employ social media posts to announce any accomplishments they have recently achieved. These posts can include announcements about them expanding their businesses, opening new locations, increasing their product and service offerings, etc. Posts of this nature work to keep followers informed of what is happening at their favorite small businesses while also giving the owners an outlet to celebrate their accomplishments humbly. Furthermore, doing so is a great way to engage with followers and answer any questions they may have about these announcements. This will ensure they clearly understand any changes or developments to the businesses and keep them coming back to support them.

7. Celebrations

Another great way small business owners can use social media is by posting about celebrations. These can be posts celebrating the holidays, birthdays of employees and volunteers, and any special events happening in their lives. Doing so is another way for small business owners to celebrate with consumers and strengthen their connections. Furthermore, it is a great way to show their followers and those who work for them that they care. Taking time to wish their audiences happy holidays or celebrate an employee’s engagement, for example, shows these individuals that they are concerned about the success of their businesses and the people who make that success possible.

8. Promotions

Lastly, small business owners can benefit from posting about current or future promotions at their businesses. These promotions may be special offers or discounts, giveaways, or contests. Consumers are more likely to purchase products and/or services from a business when they know they are getting a deal or can be rewarded for their support. Therefore, informing followers of these promotions on social media and including a link, if applicable, for where they can go to purchase their products and/or services has the opportunity to benefit the success of their businesses largely.

Posting on social media makes it easy for small business owners to further interact with their customers and employees while strengthening connections with them. However, doing so can be intimidating for entrepreneurs, especially if they have never done so and are unsure what type of posts will resonate with their followers.

The topics listed above are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the types of content small business owners can post. Regardless of the topic, the content they post should represent their business’s products and/or services and its mission, vision, and values.

Overall, small business owners should have fun when posting on social media. It is another chance to interact one-on-one and make lasting impacts on and connections with the individuals who make running their businesses possible.

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