Five Resources for Small Businesses Compliance

November 12, 2022

Running a small business can be a rewarding and exciting way to earn a living for many entrepreneurs. However, that does not mean it does not come without its challenges. For example, abiding by compliance and regulatory standards is a daunting part of running a small business. Small business owners do not have to tackle compliance alone. 

PaySmart is dedicated to helping small business owners achieve payroll compliance. We are prepared to support business owners in meeting any payroll compliance deadlines. We also pride ourselves on being a reputable and trusted source for all payroll-related information.   

PaySmart can assist small business owners in tackling payroll compliance. There are many other compliance and regulatory standards small business owners may need help understanding. PaySmart is committed to helping small business owners succeed in all areas of running a business. We have compiled a list of resources they can rely on to help them reach compliance.  

Here are five resources that support small business owners in abiding by compliance and regulatory standards: 

1. Office of Small Business Assistance

Part of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA], the Office of Small Business Assistance works to provide its On-Site Consultation Program to small and medium businesses. This program provides businesses with free confidential safety and health services. In addition, consultants from the program work with small business owners to identify ways their workplace is not currently OSHA-compliant. The organization helps determine solutions to reach compliance and improve overall safety and health conditions.  

2. Pennsylvania Insurance Department

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department provides small business owners with valuable information about whether or not they need to offer health insurance to their employees. Furthermore, the department’s website also includes resources on how a small business owner can choose coverage to provide their employees. The website contains information on the state’s yearly rate review process. Lastly, small business owners can also use this resource to learn if they qualify for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. If you are a small business owner, who does not reside or own a business in Pennsylvania, you can find similar information on your state’s insurance department’s website. 

3. Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

Created by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program helps small business owners reach compliance with state environmental regulations. This program assists small business owners in determining, understanding, and meeting environmental laws that apply to them. It also provides small businesses with updates on any rules or policies that affect them. Lastly, it informs small business owners of grant and loan funding they can apply for to prevent pollution and support energy efficiency.   

4. The Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission’s [FTC] website provides small business owners with a guide to ensure their advertising complies with the Federal Trade Commission Act. Its website outlines that for a small business’s advertising to comply with this act, an ad must not be deceptive, fair, and able to support the claims made in it with evidence. The website further discusses what each of these conditions entails and what is versus is not an acceptable ad.  

5. U.S. Small Business Association

The U.S. Small Business Association is a small business owner’s one-stop shop for a quick guide to ensuring their small business stays legally compliant. On its website, business owners will find a breakdown of all the federal, state, and local requirements they must fulfill to remain legally compliant. These include ensuring licenses, permits, and certifications are up to date to making sure they are filing all required taxes. 

Ensuring your small business abides by all compliance and regulatory standards can be overwhelming. 

That is why it is so crucial for small business owners to take a step back and realize they do not have to face this challenge alone. There are many resources at small business owners’ fingertips that can guide them through achieving full regulatory compliance. Even a quick internet search produces numerous websites, guides, and videos built to help small business owners achieve compliance with many different acts and regulations.  

If you are a small business owner struggling to reach regulatory compliance, PaySmart is here to help. We can provide you with comprehensive support for your payroll compliance needs. And if payroll compliance is not your biggest concern, we can refer you to one of the resources above or help you find the support or information that will best benefit you.  

Remember, you are not in this alone. Keep pushing forward. You’ve got this!  

PaySmart is a payroll provider located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, supporting small businesses in the Central PA region. We are dedicated to helping small businesses take care of their payroll needs. To learn more about how PaySmart may provide payroll solutions, please get in touch with us at 717-766-1777. Our New Client Concierge is waiting for you! 

One sentence: With the proper support and resources, the daunting yet necessary task of reaching and maintaining regulatory compliance for your small business becomes far less stressful.