Six Tips to Set Achievable 2022 Goals

January 04, 2022

Although the beginning of the year may feel exhausting after some time off over the holidays, it is the best time of the year to begin setting goals for the new year ahead.

Everyone makes new year’s resolutions. These goals, big or small, help pave the way for individuals to make achievements in areas of their lives they have always hoped to. When making your personal new year’s resolutions, ensure to devote time to creating some for your small business.

While creating and setting goals for your small business may feel like a daunting task, they will help you attain a clear vision of what you wish to achieve and the steps you will need to take to get there in 2022.

When setting goals for your small business, follow these six simple steps:

1. Do not lose sight of your dream.

The first step to setting goals for your small business is reflecting on why you created it. This is something you may not have thought of in some time, especially after the past two years that seemed so reactive.

Take a few moments to reflect on why you decided to start your business, what you were hoping to achieve, what you have achieved thus far, and what you still wish to achieve moving forward.

When thinking of goals you would still like your small business to reach in the future, feel free to dream as widely as possible, and do not feel like you have to limit yourself to what is immediately obtainable.

Dream of an assortment of potential goals that may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to achieve.

2. Stay true to your mission.

Before creating your goals, it is also essential to consider your business’s mission statement and ensure it remains top of mind when developing them.

The goals you set should not only help you achieve the objectives outlined within them but also advance your business’s progress toward its overall mission.

Setting goals that will help your business thrive short-term and long-term will ensure your business’s continued success in the future.

3. Write down overarching goals.

Once you have reflected on your dream for your business and its mission, create a list of some overarching goals you would like to accomplish this year.

These can include goals such as increasing your business’s social media presence, creating a website for your business, or expanding your business’s finance or marketing department.

Have trouble creating your overarching goals?

If you are having trouble coming up with overarching goals, it may be helpful to consider your objectives and their connection to your small business.

The goals you are looking to set for yourself may inspire goals you could arrange for your business. For example, if one of your personal goals is to become more organized, perhaps your small business could also benefit from the increased organization.

4. Break your goals down.

After finalizing your list of overarching goals, examine each goal and break it down into 3 to 5 smaller, more easily obtainable goals.

You can utilize these smaller goals as a roadmap to achieving your bigger ones.

These goals will make it easier for you to track your progress and stay on track toward achieving your overarching goals.

5. Make a plan.

Now that you have created your overarching goals and broken them down into smaller ones, it is time to make a plan.

This plan will outline when you need to complete each smaller goal to ensure your small business stays on track toward achieving its overarching ones by year’s end.

When constructing your plan, write out the order in which you hope to complete each smaller goal and an approximated completion date for each. Update your calendar to schedule a time to work on goals and follow up.

6. Track your progress.

Once you create your plan, utilize it to track your progress.

As you complete each smaller goal, cross it off of your plan.

Tracking the completion of each smaller goal using your plan will help you visualize your progress throughout the year and allow you to see what still needs to be accomplished clearly.

7. Do not forget to celebrate your achievements.

Whether you have just achieved one of your business’s smaller goals or one of its overarching, remember to take a few moments to celebrate. Although completing this goal may not show immediate results, it is crucial to recognize what you and your small business have accomplished through your hard work and dedication.

Setting goals is a daunting task for anyone, tiny business owners. However, taking the time now to plan out all you want your small business to achieve and the steps to take to do so will make accomplishing these goals a breeze in the new year.

Reaching your goals takes time.

Do not become intimidated by setbacks or the possibility of failure.

Keep working hard each day to accomplish your goals for your small business. Remember, achieving goals is a marathon, not a sprint.


Dream big and set your goals. You’ve got this!

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