Six Tips to Hire Right the First Time

September 08, 2023
Hiring new talent is a process every small business owner must undergo. However, that does not mean it is always accessible. Small business owners must strive to hire the right talent the first time. Doing so will give their businesses the best opportunity to thrive and remain successful for years. Unfortunately, it is not always clear who is the right fit for a position the first time around. That’s why small business owners may want to have some helpful tips to maximize the likelihood that they will hire the right candidate for a position the first time.

Here are six tips to help small business owners ensure they are selecting a good pick during the first round of hiring:

1. Prioritize passion.

When setting out to hire new talent, one of the most essential qualities a small business owner can look for in a candidate is innate passion. Candidates who are deeply interested in the position at hand will be some of the most committed workers. This is because they have a natural excitement toward the work. They have an innate desire to take on the job role and perform it to the best of their ability. While they may not have all the practical skills and experience the job role typically requires, their passion for the job and the business will enable them to succeed. Furthermore, this excitement will likely drive the business forward and ensure its continued success for years to come.

2. Remember, hard skills can be taught.

Small business owners should also remember that skills can be taught when selecting a good pick for a job. This tip closely ties in with the one above. When evaluating candidates, small business owners should remember that they can teach candidates the hard skills they will need for each position. However, soft skills, such as effectively communicating and being a team player, are much harder to teach. Therefore, they may still be the best candidate for the position if they come across a candidate with excellent soft and hard skills that need a little work. These candidates will likely be driven to learn how to do the job. They will want to do it to the best of their ability. Therefore, they will be significant assets to the businesses they work for. They will thoroughly understand how to perform their jobs and have excellent soft skills.

3. Pay attention to the little things.

When hiring new talent, small business owners should also take it upon themselves to take note of the little things and identify what qualities each candidate has that make them unique. This tip is essential when conducting the interview process. Small business owners may want to note which applicants showed up on time, which had questions prepared in advance, and which had stand-out answers to their questions. These little things leave a lasting, positive impact on the small business owner and show their passion for the position. Therefore, they should consider how each applicant stands out during the interview process. These will help them better understand the candidates at hand and which will be the best fit for their businesses.

4. Keep the business’s mission, vision, and values in mind.

Another strategy small business owners can use to ensure they select the right candidate for the position is hiring with the mission, vision, and values of the business in mind. To pick new hires that will align with and support all aspects of their companies, they must ensure they understand and support the driving forces behind them. These new employees must ensure that their businesses’ mission, vision, and values are met through everything they do. Therefore, if small business owners can find candidates who have a deep understanding of and passion for the mission and vision of the business as well as possess its core values, they will be able to select candidates who will not only succeed at their jobs but also ensure the companies they work for succeed and grow in the process.

5. Look for practical experience and skills that can be applied to the position.

Small business owners can also ensure they hire the right employee the first time by looking for past experiences and skills they can apply to their new position. For example, if a prospective employee used to be a server, they will likely be able to think quickly on their feet and also deliver outstanding customer service. These are excellent skills they will be able to implement into their new position, giving them a leg up over their competition. Furthermore, small business owners will not have to try to teach them the skills their past experiences have provided, saving them time and money. Therefore, a candidate’s practical experiences and skills may make them the perfect fit even if they do not have some of the more traditional training typically required for the position.

6. Capitalize on a drive to learn and dive into new environments and experiences.

Lastly, when selecting new hires, small business owners should pick candidates who desire to learn new skills and dive head-first into new opportunities and situations. Talent with these qualities is driven to perform their work to the best of their abilities. These employees may support the businesses they work for in any way they can. This may mean leaving their comfort zones. Therefore, small business owners should take full advantage of clients who exhibit these qualities, as they will be valuable assets to the success of their businesses. Hiring suitable candidates for the correct position the first time can be daunting for small business owners, but that does not mean it is impossible. These tips allow small business owners to give themselves an advantage during hiring. If we can leave small business owners with one overarching tip, it would be to pay close attention to each candidate’s personality and positive qualities. These will likely speak louder than any experience and be more impactful on their work. PaySmart is a payroll provider in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, supporting small businesses in the Central PA region. We are dedicated to helping small businesses take care of their payroll needs. To learn more about how PaySmart may provide payroll solutions, please get in touch with us at 717-766-1777. Our New Client Concierge is waiting for you!