Six Reasons Why Being your own Boss is AWESOME!

November 12, 2020

Our team at PaySmart is thankful for the contributions of the hard-working entrepreneurs that live, work, and play in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area.

We recognize how incredibly challenging being your own boss can be. As we celebrate National Entrepreneur Month (November) and National Entrepreneur Day (November 17th), we understand the importance of celebrating innovation and job creation. By listing six reasons why being your own boss is awesome, we hope this serves as a reminder of all the benefits that come with being your own boss. As many of us work so hard to get it all done by wearing different hats, this is a little reminder that you take a moment to reflect on why you took this leap of faith. All of the hard work you put in is all worth it if these needs are fulfilled.

Together, we have gotten through 2020. We will continue to make monumental steps going into 2021 because of our ability to band together and support one another as fellow small business owners.

This day and month were recognized nationally because entrepreneurs are an integral piece to our economy and our everyday routines.

The U.S. needs more entrepreneurs because:

  • Entrepreneurs strengthen the economy by contributing valuable tax dollars (sales tax, payroll tax, corporation tax) that fund government programs that we all utilize daily.
  • Small business owners are often creative individuals that think outside the box providing solutions to everyday problems.
  • Entrepreneurs often end up as job creators, comprising much of existing jobs and new job growth projections.

While your startup may have been established as a partnership or as a sole proprietor and may have begun with an idea and a passion for making things better, your amazing idea may have caught on quickly and created an immediate need to hire workers. The continued creation of local jobs is dependent on the drive that entrepreneurs, like yourselves, possess.

We must continue to create new jobs now more than ever with the rise in unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Dell, the world needs 600 million new jobs by 2025 to handle the growing working-age population!

Jobs are not likely to come from big corporations, but instead from entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Small businesses in the U.S. employed 58.9 million peo­ple, or 47.5% of the private workforce, in 2015 (Source: SUSB).

After the challenging year, we have been through in 2020 and uncertainty like we have never seen before, you may have questioned once or twice, “Why did I embark on this journey?”

Each entrepreneur has their own reasons for starting their own business, and they are not all based on financial dreams.

Why did you start your own business?

Here Six Reasons Why Being your own Boss is AWESOME!

1. You get to be your own boss!

Answering yourself is a prevalent reason for starting a business.

Perhaps you had a manager that you didn’t see eye to eye with.

Maybe you worked in your field as an employee and recognized that business practices could be improved upon and decided to implement them as your own.

Some entrepreneurs really like answering to themselves and not reporting to a boss. They like making their own decisions and being in charge of their own success. It is often a motivator with many business owners.

2. Do you have a vision with big plans to build an empire?

  • Do you have big dreams to have your company becoming a household name?
  • Can you imagine your products sold on shelves in big box stores?
  • Is it important for you to be able to offer lots of jobs in your community or multiple locations?

The American Dream is genuine, and the spirit lies in many entrepreneurs that dream big!

3. Is being remembered important to you? Create a legacy for the next generation!

Whether it is to:

  • Establish your name in the community
  • Build a business that your children and grandchildren will run
  • Fulfill philanthropy desires

Many business owners need to create an enterprise to pass down to family members.

4. Do you have a creative spirit? Establish full creativity to solve problems through innovation.

  • Are you the business person that solves problems?
  • Do you have a passion for creating new products and new services, with a desire to improve the existing landscape?

Many of us could not imagine a life without a regular telephone or an iPhone. We have all of these amazing technologies because of the drive of entrepreneurs who capitalized on their talents.

Does this drive you?

5. What does your day look like? Making your own schedule has many benefits.

  • Are you someone that doesn’t mind working weekends or long hours?
  • Do you want the flexibility to be able to take off work to golf on a beautiful day?
  • Is it important for you to see your child’s extracurricular events?

Entrepreneurship may offer you flexibility as a trade-off to working hard. This trade-off can be very fulfilling, allowing you to be independent and happy because you can spend your time as you deem fit.

6. Do you want a bigger earning potential that self-employment can bring?

Gain ultimate control of your earning potential by:

  • Increase pricing if you choose to
  • Add a stream of revenue.
  • Work more hours, allowing you to add a few extra dollars in your pocket.

There are many ways you can increase your earnings by the choices you make in operating your small business.

Whatever reason you chose to start your business, know that the entire team at PaySmart is here for you, and we salute you for your efforts!

We recognize your drive, your ambition, and your talents during National Entrepreneur Month!

As a small business, we understand the risks you have taken and applaud your leap of faith. We believe in you and are supportive of your role in the community!

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your payroll needs and are here for you as a fellow local, small business owner.

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