Six Leadership Tips from Today's Leaders

August 09, 2021

Some leaders are natural. They are born that way. Those leaders are the lucky ones. If you are like most leaders, you are a continuous student. You may have had a role model to look up to. Perhaps you like to follow and study famous leaders and gain insight to apply within your small business.

There are so many traits needed to be an effective leader.

Many think of a strong leader as an individual who can task out duties effectively, identifying employees’ strengths and weaknesses. To be good at this, a leader needs to get to know their employees, identify their strengths and weaknesses, learn what their employees enjoy, and understand their inspirations to build a strong team.
A leader needs to give credit when credit is due to others. They also need to take accountability for when things don’t go well. Sometimes that is a matter of being responsible for customer service issues or providing the necessary training for their employees to be their very best.
A leader is almost expected to beam with positivity, which can be challenging at times. Not only are leaders expected to be positive, but their ability to inspire others to drive results is what makes a powerful leader that stands out from the crowd.

Here are Six Leadership Tips from Today’s Leaders:

1. Leaders understand the importance of leading by example.

Rachel Hollis, The Rachel Hollis Company

A leader in the personal development space, Rachel Hollis is known for her ability to inspire others. With millions of followers on her blog, one would think that her success is due to her ability to inspire others. It is. However, Hollis is adamant that the image that she presents is authentic. The best-selling author needs to be doing whatever she is telling her followers to do. This inspirational leader talks the talk and walks the walk.

2. Practice self-awareness when making decisions.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

The leader in online commerce is known for his leadership skills that include innovation and a customer-centric approach to business. Bezos is also known for letting go of personal beliefs and influences when making decisions. The Amazon mogul is aware that these beliefs could adversely impact the growth of Amazon. This leadership style involves quite a lot of self-examination to understand if a choice is being made based on factual evidence or personal beliefs.

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks from time to time.

Whitney Herd, Bumble

Herd saw a need for her online dating app that appeals to women. She has made a name for herself as a leader in making connections and building relationships. Herd is not afraid to take risks and try something new. Bumble was prepared for video dating before the pandemic. When everyone was quarantined, many were desperate to make connections. The video dating feature of the app was prevalent during the pandemic and played out nicely.

4. Allow your people to make decisions.

Bob Iger, The Walt Disney Company

Running The Walt Disney Company is no small task. Disney’s mission includes providing amazing customer service in its parks. This means they have to have a strong, positive, driven leader as a role model. While these are characteristics Iger possesses, his ability to allow each area of the company to make its own decisions without micromanaging is a critical component of his leadership strategy. This allows The Walt Disney Company to continue to rule as a leader in innovation.

5. Turn mistakes and problems into opportunities for improvement.

Elon Musk, Tesla

Musk is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and overall brilliance. Musk has had his share of failures and disappointments. While many would quit, he does not give up so easily. This has allowed him to build a reputation as one of the biggest innovators of our time! In fact, Musk looks at problems that arise as an opportunity for improvement and a need for innovation.

6. Put others first.

Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix

Lake is known for her authentic leadership style. The executive’s ability to reach for the stars and do what is best for the company makes her stand out. Lake recently stepped down from her position as CEO of the company that she founded. This is not the first time she has taken a considerable risk to grow the startup created to help consumers appear polished and styled. At the young age of 34, Lake took the company public. Lake was also the only female to lead an initial public offering in technology.

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