PaySmart: PPX features Your Go-to Human Resources Library

January 25, 2018

The PPX portal is a great tool – you can add and change employee information, enter and submit payroll hours, retrieve your payroll reports, and so much more. PPX got even better with the arrival of HR360.

HR360 is your go-to resource for all things HR. Have a question about another state’s payroll? Check HR360. Need to develop a job description? Find what you need in HR360.

And the best part? HR360 is free to any client with PPX!

Accessing HR360 is as simple as a click. From the PPX dashboard or homepage, click in the HR Library box.A separate tab* will open up with HR360 and you are off to the races!

 *Don’t forget to turn off your pop up blocker.

 If you don’t have PPX, contact your payroll specialist to get set up today!