Make your payroll process more efficient- at no added cost!

April 06, 2017

PaySmart will review your current payroll process and identify ways we can make it even easier for you!

Who doesn’t love easier? And even better when it doesn’t cost you another dime! So here’s the deal: PaySmart would love to take a look at your payroll process and show you how you can use the resources already at your fingertips to make the whole shebang more efficient, not to mention quicker.

How? We’re glad you asked. Here are just three (of many) very smart ways. You can:

  • Send us a spreadsheet instead of handwriting a data entry sheet.
  • Use PPX to add a new employee instead of faxing the info to us.
  • Use portals for check delivery.

This complimentary payroll review is one way we live out our core value of personal service. You’re not a number to us – you’re a business with specific payroll needs and we want to optimize your payroll experience.

Ready for a payroll check-up? Contact your payroll specialist today!