Background Checks

February 15, 2018
You can find out a lot of information about people – some good, some not so great – by doing a quick Google search or looking them up on Facebook or LinkedIn. But sometimes that’s not enough, and you need to do more for your peace of mind and for the success of your business.
Really? you ask. Isn’t a background check a bit extreme?
Consider these statistics:
  • 50% of résumés and applications contain false information.
  • 33% of business failures are caused by employee theft.
  • 18% of violent crimes happen in the workplace.
Convinced yet? Background checks aren’t always necessary, but in some cases it’s best practice or just makes very smart business sense.
PaySmart has partnered with National Crime Search (NCS) to give you an affordable option to conduct a variety of background checks, such as:
  • Social Security Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • County Criminal History Searches
  • Multi-state Database Searches
  • Sex Offender Searches
Visit’s PaySmart’s NCS page to learn more valuable information about the affordable options we have to offer.