Four ways PaySmart celebrates National Payroll Week

August 29, 2022

National Payroll Week was established to honor the employees and professionals who make payroll a reality. National Payroll Week takes place the days following Labor Day every year. This year, National Payroll Week is celebrated September 6th-9th.

National Payroll Week was founded in 1996 by the American Payroll Association (APA).

Like Labor Day, National Payroll Week celebrates the economic contributions of workers in the United States. National Payroll Week focuses on the payroll aspect that results from labor on a deeper level. The full-week celebration’s purpose is to honor employers running payroll, payroll service providers, and government agencies accepting, processing, and distributing payroll funds.

Moreover, payroll is responsible for funding 70% of the U.S. Treasury’s revenue. Much of these funds come from small businesses. Payroll and supporting small businesses is what we live for at PaySmart! One can say this is our Christmas!

At PaySmart, we recognize National Payroll Week as a significant opportunity to honor our clients and small businesses throughout Central PA that trust us with this critical responsibility.

This is a week of us thanking our clients for their hard work. Running a small business is no easy task as our small businesses have experienced hardships recently. From the mandatory shutdown, supply chain shortages, and employee shortages, small business owners are working harder than ever to continue to provide goods and services here in central pa, and we appreciate your efforts.

PaySmart is celebrating 20 years in business, supporting payroll for hundreds of small businesses and thousands of employees in Central PA. Our clients and community partners can expect this year to be extra special! Our clients include professional services, restaurant and hospitality, doctors’ offices, service-related businesses, manufacturers, microbusinesses with only one employee, and all industries in which small business has a presence.

Here are four ways PaySmart Payroll Services in Mechanicsburg is celebrating the 2022 National Payroll Week during its 20th anniversary in business:

1. We typically host a mixer during National Payroll Week.

Clients and prospective clients can join us, along with some of the members and employees of The West Shore Chamber of Commerce, at our upcoming mixer. We celebrate 20 years of providing payroll solutions to the backbone of our economy, small businesses. The mixer usually is held over the breakfast hour. This year we have chosen to host the mixer on Thursday, September 29th, from 4:30-6:30 PM. We invite our friends to join us any time during this time frame.

2. We invite small businesses, including businesses as small as one employee, to contact us for a no-pressure quote.

Small companies not working with PaySmart can learn what payroll would cost and the options we must make payroll more manageable and more efficient. We know that all small businesses are unique. We work with clients to provide a process to run payroll that works best for them. Clients already with PaySmart are eligible to earn a $50 gift card when referring a client to us. PaySmart clients can feel good knowing that they will be making a referral that will be helpful to their friends.

3. Small businesses currently working with PaySmart are invited to learn about opportunities that PaySmart has available to make payroll easy and efficient.

This includes the opportunity to make payroll accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients that put off vacation because they are worried about payroll can take that vacation. Business owners can run payroll from anywhere in the world at any time. As well as that, we continue to offer options such as direct deposit and the ability to go paperless to make payroll the most secure process available.

4. We want to say thank you! Our entire team at PaySmart wants to say a warm thank you to all the employees and small businesses that make payroll a reality.

Furthermore, we would not be here without you!

PaySmart has an active presence on social media. Whether your favorite channel is Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, you can expect to see posts engaging our followers with National Payroll Week this week. We hope you enjoy them and engage with these activities.

Please note that we are here for you and welcome you to reach out with any questions about payroll solutions.

PaySmart is a payroll provider located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, supporting small businesses in the Central PA region. We are dedicated to helping small businesses take care of their payroll needs. To learn more about how PaySmart may provide payroll solutions, please get in touch with us at 717-766-1777. Our New Client Concierge is waiting for you!