Five Ways to Combat Negativity in the Workplace

July 05, 2023

Every small business will experience its fair share of negativity over the years. Whether these people interact internally or externally with each organization, they will somehow impact it.

Unfortunately, this impact is often detrimental to the organization to some extent. Therefore, small business owners must understand how to recognize Negativity, predict their impact on their businesses, and determine ways to mitigate those effects.

While this is a large burden for small business owners, taking the necessary measures to stop negativity will ensure their businesses succeed for years.

Here are five ways for small business owners to recognize negativity and stop it from harming their businesses:

1. Pay close attention to disinterested employees.

One of the most common and detrimental negativity an organization can face is the disinterested employee. These employees typically have little interest in their jobs and spend most of their time complaining about their work. Unfortunately, their negative attitudes can quickly affect their coworkers and cause them to feel pessimistic about their work. Therefore, small business owners must be able to recognize these employees and work to improve their negative attitudes. If these employees, despite their poor attitudes, are strong assets to the team, employers may want to talk with them to see how they can improve their experiences in the workplace and get them back to feeling positive about their jobs. However, small business owners should not be afraid to let employees go who are extremely disinterested and not pulling their weight. Doing so will benefit their businesses in the long run.

2. Frequently monitor customer dissatisfaction.

Another type of negativity small businesses typically face is dissatisfied or hard-to-please customers. These customers will take it upon themselves to complain about any minor inconveniences they experience with a small business, normally blowing them out of proportion. Unfortunately, there is not much small business owners can do to stop this from happening aside from striving to provide the best customer service possible. However, they can take active measures to combat their dissatisfaction.

Small business owners must be prepared to humbly yet sternly defend themselves if a hard-to-please customer begins to bash them and their business for a minor inconvenience. While they should apologize for the customer’s poor experience, they should be prepared to explain how they are taking active measures to ensure this inconvenience does not happen again. When small business owners demonstrate they are willing to work with and resolve any problems, even the most negativity is having, current and prospective customers take note.

3. Examine the attitudes of suppliers and business partners.

Negativity can also impact small businesses when they are suppliers and business partners. If these individuals have a general distaste for their work, this can quickly influence the health and well-being of the small businesses they provide supplies for or partner with. If a supplier, for example, is extremely negative about all aspects of their work and does not care if shipments go out on time or if materials are intact upon arrival, the small businesses that rely on them can quickly have their operations halted. Therefore, small business owners must take it upon themselves to cultivate positive relationships with their suppliers and business partners, especially if they portray negative characteristics. This will help these individuals build a positive feeling toward their work with these small businesses.

4. Keep an eye out for repeat complainers.

Some of the most burdensome negativity small business owners can face are those who repeatedly complain about their businesses. Whether these negative influences are employees or customers, they are never delighted with their work or the service they receive. They often take it upon themselves to point out problems others would typically never notice. Small business owners must be able to distinguish these negative naysayers from everyday employees and customers who may just be having a bad day. They need to be able to brush off the comments of these negative individuals and realize their opinion is not that of the majority. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

5. Take steps to boost positivity and cultivate a positive mindset.

Small business owners can mitigate the impact negative individuals have on their businesses by promoting positivity in their companies. They must create an uplifting atmosphere that welcomes employees and customers and makes them feel at home. Furthermore, they should take it upon themselves to let these individuals know they are dedicated to working with them to resolve any challenges, whether with a work assignment or a faulty product or service. When negative people feel cared for by their employers and the places they shop, it is much harder for their negativity to persist.

Dealing with Negative individuals is something every small business owner will have to handle at least once in their career.

However, doing so is not as daunting as it may initially seem. They need to rememindividuals’dividuals’ outlooks do not represent those of the general population.

Small business owners must take steps to give these people extra care. When small business owners do, the negative personas of these individuals typically fall, and they can ensure the well-being of each of their businesses remains intact.

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