Five Ways for Small Business Owners to Work Smarter

June 05, 2023

Boosting productivity is one of the easiest ways for small business owners to increase their bottom lines. However, figuring out strategies to increase productivity is not always as easy as it may seem.

Small business owners must increase productivity at all levels of their businesses to see an increase in revenue overall. Therefore, increasing productivity is a strategic team effort requiring all employees’ cooperation.

Here are five ways for small business owners to work smarter, not harder, to increase productivity and their bottom lines:

1. Frequently providing employees with updated training can help increase production and decrease errors.

One of the easiest ways for small business owners to increase their workplaces’ productivity is by frequently providing their employees with updated training. Refreshing their employees on how to perform their jobs best boosts the ease and speed with which they can do them. Improving the quality of work for employees also increases production. As we all know, the cost of doing a task right the first time improves production. Regular training contributes to quality improvement. This increases their productivity by minimizing their time to complete their responsibilities. Therefore, they can get more done quickly, boosting their businesses’ bottom lines. For example, an employee with updated training at an ice cream shop can serve more customers in less time than someone unfamiliar with how to streamline the customer service process.

2. Incentivize employees to invest in increasing production.

Another way small business owners can work to boost workplace productivity is by incentivizing employees to perform above and beyond the typical standards for their roles. While small business owners should be cautious about providing employees with extra rewards for doing their jobs, they should be willing to do so if they perform exceptionally well and meet goals. For example, a small business owner could offer to cater lunch for their employees if they increase sales this month by 5%. This is an easy and cheap way to encourage employees to be more productive. The cost of lunch is nominal compared to the reaped profits, and everyone benefits for the organization’s greater good.

3. Employ technology when possible to increase production and improve processes.

Small business owners can also work to improve their workplaces’ productivity by using technology to automate or assist in completing tasks. Small business owners should frequently find new programs and update ones that help their employees do their jobs to the best of their abilities. These programs should save employees time when completing their everyday tasks. Software applications can help improve processes. For example, an employee responsible for responding to online reviews and comments could use a tool such as Sprout Social that groups all reviews and comments from all platforms in one place. This will allow these employees to communicate with more current or prospective customers, boosting the chance they will get more consumers to convert and increasing the business’s bottom line.

4. Encourage employees to communicate promptly and thoroughly with one another.

Another way small business owners can increase workplace productivity is by encouraging employees to communicate efficiently and effectively with each other. When employees communicate with each other promptly and thoroughly, they get the information they need to continue performing their work. If employees need a question answered before completing a task or assignment, they must get the answer quickly and ensure all parts of their questions are thoroughly answered. The quicker employees can return to performing their work, the more money they can make for the company. Therefore, when employees communicate promptly and thoroughly, they are more productive and work to increase their business’s bottom lines. Small businesses that can improve methods of communication and make suggestions for improvement should see benefits in the areas of not only production but decreased turnover and higher levels of employee satisfaction.

5. Place employees into accountability teams to provide them with the support they need to accomplish tasks and achieve their goals.

Small business owners can also increase workplace productivity by creating employee accountability teams. Employees frequently communicate with these teams to ensure they complete their timely assignments. These teams will provide employees with support systems to encourage productivity, increasing their businesses’ bottom lines. Employees will be motivated to complete their work as they will not want to disappoint their accountability teammates.

Increasing productivity is a strategic way for small business owners to work toward increasing their bottom lines. However, they cannot strive to do so alone. Small business owners must have the support of their employees behind them.

When all employees commit and take active steps to be more productive, the businesses they work for are positively impacted. Small business owners who can motivate their employees to perform their work more efficiently and effectively have bright futures ahead of them.

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