Employee Spotlight on Sara Wirt, Partner and Payroll Tax Specialist

June 30, 2022

Sara Wirt has been with PaySmart for 14 years!

She is our resident tax guru that remains on top of the ever-changing regulations. Sara is a wealth of knowledge as she can share this knowledge with our team, clients, and other payroll providers throughout the country! This allows her to consistently provide suggestions to improve tax processing and other processing areas of the firm based on her commitment and achievements. Sara recently became a partner and is looking forward to working with the partners of PaySmart to continue to make improvements and achieve the goals of the payroll firm on behalf of the small business clients PaySmart supports. She is passionate about her job and cites becoming a partner at PaySmart as the best decision she has ever made! It’s allowed her to feel good about herself and her commitment to continuing to grow the company and herself!

While the business is an essential part of her life, so is family.

She says, “Life is short. Enjoy all the time you have with your family.”She understands the importance of work-life balance. Sara enjoys being a mother to her children and aspires to be a great mom like her mother.

Sara is a lover of animals.

Her favorite time of the year is the Fall, as she enjoys the smells, the cool temperatures, and changing colors. She enjoys travel and some of her favorite places include Holden Beach, North Carolina, and the Great Smoky Mountains. While she likes the beach and the mountains, she prefers the mountains! While some people prefer salt to be sweet, Sara is a fan of both chocolate and chips, and we can imagine she probably likes both together, enjoying chocolate chips, but admits she prefers pizza over donuts!