Employee Spotlight on Brittnie Bowling, Payroll Specialist

May 27, 2022


Our own Brittnie, yes – that is right, Brittnie with an “i.e.,” has been a Payroll Specialist with PaySmart since 2018 and says that she comes to work every day to do the job that she loves! Not too many people can say that! It shows when she strives to support our clients by walking them through the payroll process. She can listen to their needs to understand what challenges clients face and why problem solving is important as it allows small business owners to spend more time focusing on running their business! Brittnie can achieve a work-life balance because she is good at time management, learning to classify and schedule a time to get personal tasks done, allowing her more free time.

Before working at PaySmart, Brittnie worked a second job at a pizza place and decided to quit. This decision allowed her to focus on her other career, meet her husband, and secure a position at PaySmart. This small decision proved to be life-changing and was one of the best decisions she ever made!

She has a great outlook on life, stating, “My life has not been all roses, but I would not trade it with anyone!” That outlook continues as she reminds us that Spring is the symbolic season of new life and that the year is unique, and anything can come from the nasty, cold, and ugly things.

The Payroll Specialist is a newlywed and an animal lover. Brittnie enjoys supporting the local SPCA and any nonprofit animal rescue or cause as an animal lover. She also is beginning to learn more about dementia as her beloved grandfather has been diagnosed and suffering from dementia. In doing so, she has become a supporter of The Dementia Society of America.

A skilled craftsperson, Brittnie loves to make furniture and refurbish existing pieces. She transformed a nightstand into a bookshelf and made the bar for her wedding.

She hopes to remain with PaySmart servicing clients for many years to come!