Eight Ways Small Businesses Can Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

February 24, 2022

?Employee Appreciation Day is almost here. Employee Appreciation Day is the best time of the year for small business owners to show their employees how much they appreciate all that they do for them.

Now is the time for small business owners to give back to the individuals who help keep their businesses running all year long. It serves as an opportunity to recognize how incredibly thankful managers are for their employees that have stepped up, put in extra hours, and picked up extra last-minute shifts. Many employers are grateful to their loyal employees who have continued to work during these challenging times.

Here are eight ways small business owners can show their employees how much they appreciate them on Friday, March 4th:

1. Write handwritten thank-you notes

One of the easiest yet most thoughtful ways small business owners can show their gratitude for their employees is by writing them a thank you note. Whether these thank you notes are on a card or piece of cardstock, the focus is on the words written. Please take a few sentences to thank each employee for their hard work and support. These notes do not have to be pages long. The message should be personalized to each employee. While handwriting these notes may take time, it will show your employees how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

2. Extend your employees’ lunch break

On Employee Appreciation Day, small business owners could extend their employees’ lunch breaks. One extended lunch break is a simple way to show employees you care by giving them extra time to relax and unwind during lunch. Small business owners could also consider catering lunches for their employees during this break. Employees will appreciate coming together and sharing lunch with their coworkers.

3. Plan a party

End the workday a few hours early and celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with a party. Hosting an end-of-the-day celebration is an easy yet fun way for small business owners to show their employees they appreciate them. The focus is on having fun and allowing employees to connect in an informal setting. Some fun activities and light refreshments will guarantee a great time.

4. Schedule an outing

Small business owners can also plan a fun activity outside of work for their employees. Activities could be hosting a happy hour at a local restaurant, going out to dinner, heading to the local park, bowling, riding go-carts, or another fun activity. When small business owners do something out of the ordinary with their employees, it shows them they care and brings them closer together.

5. Volunteer together

Another way small business owners can show their employees they appreciate them is by taking an interest in their passions. Ask your employees what some of their favorite nonprofits are in the area. Plan a day to volunteer together. Coming together to support a nonprofit is a great way to give back to the community and connect on a deeper level with your employees. When small business owners show their employees they genuinely care about them and their interests, they feel more connected to their work.

6. Go out for ice cream

A simple way for small business owners to celebrate their employees is by revisiting a classic celebratory event, going out for ice cream. Small business owners may opt to have their employees carpool to the nearest ice cream shop or have an ice cream truck make a stop at their business. Sharing ice cream with employees is an easy way for small business owners to show their employees how much they appreciate them.

7. Give out fun awards

Have some light-hearted fun with your employees by hosting an awards ceremony. Small business owners can create custom awards for their employees that emphasize what makes them unique. These awards can be best dressed, most organized, loudest typist, neatest handwriting, or best laugh. Creating and giving out these awards will allow small business owners to personally connect with their employees.

8. Engage employees in the planning

Small business owners typically feel compelled to show appreciation to their employees. It is hard to know what activity to plan! Perhaps they’ve planned an event in the past that maybe was not successful. Why not provide a few choices to employees? Learn what they would enjoy best to ensure that the efforts are well received!

Employee Appreciation Day is the best day for small business owners to show their employees how much they appreciate everything they do for them and their businesses.

No matter how they choose to celebrate their employees, it is vital to make sure each employee feels valued.

Small business owners should take this opportunity to do something unexpected for their employees to show their gratitude truly. When employees are more passionate about their jobs and the work they complete, they feel appreciated!

Friday, March 4th, will be here in the blink of an eye. Time to start planning the best Employee Appreciation Day yet!

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