Eight tips for business owners to decrease their stress

April 21, 2021

Are you a small business owner trying to manage the stress that is related to operating your business? If so, you are not alone! Owning and operating a small business comes with lots of responsibility. Sometimes these responsibilities can be overwhelming. This can lead to an increase in stress.

With April being National Stress Awareness Month, small business owners may want to consider identifying some everyday stressors unique to running a business. Recognizing the causes of stress and implementing strategies to reduce some of these stressors can improve the entrepreneur’s health and wellness!

Let’s face it! A lot of people rely on small business owners!

Employees, customers, the owner’s family, vendors, and the community are all reliant on the success of small businesses. The knowledge that so many essential people depend on the entrepreneur can feel overwhelming and stressful.

Much of the stressors related to operating a small business are unique to owners.

Small business owners can find support networking with other small business owners. Business owners that share their experiences may learn that they are not alone with their frustrations and worries. They may also find it helpful to understand how others have successfully dealt with similar problems and decreased stress.

Limited resources, cash flow problems, staffing, and human resource issues, regulatory compliance issues, and lack of customers are all everyday stressors.

The government shutdown created undescribable stress for business owners. As we face a road to economic recovery, it will be necessary for business owners to be aware of stressors and manage their stress.

Here are eight tips for business owners to decrease their stress:

1. Self-Care is the best care.

Commit to ensuring that overall health and wellness are a priority.

Business owners can better manage their stress when eating healthy, getting enough physical activity, getting enough sleep, and practicing mindfulness.

Meditation, taking regular breaks, and even walking around the block can help manage everyday stress.

A business owner should also be aware of physical signs that could be evidence of stress. This may include symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and stomachaches, and chest pains. Entrepreneurs experiencing physical signs of stress should seek medical attention.

2. Manage expectations effectively.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for the overall success of their companies. They carry the burden of profitability, the performance of employees, customer satisfaction, and making payroll.

Owners must understand that things do not always go as planned. They are unable to anticipate different scenarios, such as an international pandemic. Sometimes expectations need to be adjusted to be obtainable.

3. Pursue a hobby that brings joy.

It can be rewarding to explore an activity that one is good at for the sole purpose of enjoyment.

Finding and dedicating downtime to a pleasurable activity can provide an outlet to turn off “the noise” associated with running your business and enjoy life!

Many business owners enjoy being a part of a golf or bowling league. Owners may enjoy the arts. They may enjoy gardening or cooking.

It’s never too late to find a new hobby!

4. Leverage your connections. 

Business owners should leverage connections within their operations. They should also connect with others outside the business.

Everyone needs a “go-to” person. Small business owners are no different. Whether it is a peer or a mentor, business owners should identify a dependable person that can provide a shoulder when needed.

Owners should develop a trusted network to turn to for advice and referrals.

5. Learn the power of laughter

Mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes there is that one project in which everything goes wrong. Sometimes one might wonder what more could go wrong?

It is times like these in which laughing off the small stuff can be a great way to focus the mind on the bigger things that count!

No matter how conscientious and careful we are as business owners, we cannot control the outcome of everything. We can control our reaction! Learn to make light of the more minor situations that aren’t so favorable and focus on the positive!

6. Improve self-confidence.

Typically business owners are high-achievers.  Often high achievers tend to be perfectionists. Those that are perfectionists may suffer from imposter syndrome. They may question if they are cut out for the job or if they are good leaders.
Entrepreneurs are often passionate about their crafts and independent in work efforts.  Self-employed individuals are often very hard on themselves due to their passions and high work ethic. When things don’t go right, they may be hard on themselves, second-guessing their decision-making.

Business owners should focus on all of their achievements and be proud of their accomplishments.

7. Schedule regular vacations.

It is important for leaders to take a break and refresh. Some may want to schedule vacations to spend time with family members. Others may want to visit a new place. Business owners need something positive to look forward to.

Some business owners do their best creative thinking when they are in a relaxed state. Vacations allow owners to come back to work recharged. This may allow owners to handle adverse situations more effectively.

8. Delegate responsibilities to employees.

Delegate tasks to employees by understanding their talents and desires to learn new tasks.

For small businesses that do not have enough resources to delegate, outsourcing is a great way to alleviate burdens without adding staff.

For instance, PaySmart can manage all payroll needs, so that small business owners can focus on running the business. This can reduce worries over missing due dates and facing possible penalties.

Small business owners have more stressors than most can imagine.

The impact their footprint leaves on others around them makes it necessary to manage stress effectively.

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