How to access and download PPX Reports

March 15, 2018
  1. Go to the “Reports” from the Dashboard or header.

  2. All “Scheduled With Payroll” reports will populate.  To select a specific pay date click on the calendar/
    • Or for a range of dates use the spy glass
    • Want to see only one type of report? Click the spy glass under Report column heading and select the report you want to see.

      For example, want to see just general ledger summaries? Click on the spy glass under the Report column heading and select “Contains” then type“General Ledger Summary.” Only those will appear in the list.
  3. You are able to Download one or multiple reports at one time by selecting the box next to the desired report.  Reports will download as individual PDFs.

  4. Among the reports under “Period End,” you will find YTD payroll summaries, quarterly reports, and employer W2 copies. Clicking on the spy glasses will allow you to select just what reports you want to see. 
  5. If you have HUB, you will find actual copies of what has been posted to your employees’ HUB accounts under “Delivered To Employees”. The Spy Glasses work the same.

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